Established 2001


Combination Trading known as ComboTrading™, is a unique finance method developed by Commodity Exports, to provide its clients; industrialists, Commodity Traders and private companies, with access to accelerated Wealth Creation Programs. By combining a percentage of the total project value with a Commodity Exports Private Finance Programme, the finance plan will provide our clients with the funding required to complete projects at ZERO COST with no fees or sundry expenses whatsoever.


 In a ComboTrading™ transaction, the Client simply 'Blocks' a pre-agreed amount of funds and/or financial instruments, the 'Contract Bond', for a pre-agreed period of time, into the Client's account in the Client's own Bank (providing it is a top twenty-five Western European bank), in the Client's name and totally under the Client's control.


On signing the Contract two things happen contemporaneously:


  1. The Projects Proof of Capability is provided for by Commodity Exports on behalf of the Buyer; and
  2. Commodity Exports arranges to block the above mentioned 'Contract Bond' in the Buyers account for a period of three (3), six (6), nine (9) or twelve (12) months; these funds are immediately deployed in Private Placement Programmes to generate the required Project funding.


At the end of the pre-agreed period the Client's funds are unblocked and the client now has both their original funds and the Commodity without any cost whatsoever; again, it should be stressed that Commodity Exports neither charges fees to the client, nor passes on any costs whatsoever.


In practice the procedure is as follows;


A ComboTrading™ Private Finance Programme can be used to provide funding for and/or purchase of almost anything including ships, aircraft, infrastructure and development.