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Combination Trading known as ComboTrading™, is a unique finance method developed by Commodity Exports, to provide its clients; industrialists, Commodity Traders and private companies, with access to accelerated Wealth Creation Programs. By combining a percentage of the total project value with a Commodity Exports Private Finance Programme, the finance plan will provide our clients with the funding required to complete projects at ZERO COST with no fees or sundry expenses whatsoever.

In a ComboTrading™ transaction, the Client simply 'Blocks' a pre-agreed amount of funds and/or financial instruments, the 'Contract Bond', for a pre-agreed period of time, into the Client's account in the Client's own Bank (providing it is a top twenty-five Western European bank), in the Client's name and totally under the Client's control.

On signing the Contract two things happen contemporaneously:

    1) The Projects Proof of Capability is provided for by Commodity Exports on behalf of the Buyer; and

    2) Commodity Exports arranges to block the above mentioned 'Contract Bond' in the Buyers account for a period of three (3), six (6), nine (9) or twelve (12) months; these funds are immediately deployed in Private Placement Programmes to generate the required Project funding.

At the end of the pre-agreed period the Client's funds are unblocked and the client now has both their original funds and the Commodity without any cost whatsoever; again, it should be stressed that Commodity Exports neither charges fees to the client, nor passes on any costs whatsoever.

In practice the procedure is as follows:

Buyer (Investor) identifies a Project that they want to proceed with;

Commodity Exports, negotiates the Terms of Agreement relative to all the Parties concerned with the completion of the Project;

Commodity Exports provides payment to the Seller (Commodity Owner) and the commodity is delivered to the Buyer (Investor) on the agreed 'Terms and Conditions' (A true arbitrage transaction);

The Funds generated by Commodity Exports, by way of the 'Terms and Conditions' agreed to by the Buyer (Investor), can be deployed by Commodity Exports as legitimate 'earnings' for the negotiation of the Project, as management fees. Commodity Exports provides the required funding in its entirety, furthermore Commodity Exports will issue Invoices with corresponding Receipts to the Buyer (Investor) for the full cost of the Commodity thus creating a very advantageous tax position for the Buyer (Investor);

A ComboTrading™ Private Finance Programme can be used to provide funding for and/or purchase of almost anything including ships, aircraft, infrastructure and development.