Welcome to Commodity Exporters

Practitioners in the craft of Combination Trading (ComboTradeā„¢) that enables our people to excel at crafting solutions for you; we strive to eradicate life’s challenges; and simplify complexity.


Welcome to Commodity Exports; truly a commodity Trading House unlike any other.


Nothing that Commodity Exports does is new, or untried, as we are an established and conservative firm that values our clients; we have simply combined the trading of commodities with COMX Financing to create ComboTradingā„¢.


Creative finance in trading is not new and has been around for a long time; Commodity Exports just highlights certain aspects and brings them to your notice, as a different and not so obvious strategy to neatly achieve your trading aims.


These are the techniques of financial dealing that have been around for ages and which are used by many in business; they keep business running.